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Due to increased globalisation and competition, outsourcing at all levels of the company has become necessary as a means to maximise shareholder value. More and more departments are moved to cheap labor countries, contingent only on availability of a well trained labor force and a management team skilled in leveraging the offshore departments. specialises in offshoring services for the highest level executive positions and has the expertise to maximise your ROI. In today's economy the offshoring of all kinds of jobs has become a routine, from low paid callcenter and helpdesk workers, to tech writers and graphics designers, and even highly paid engineers and QA personnel.

Chances are that large parts of the companies you invest in have already been offshored. Equally likely is the chance of a disconnect existing between the old management and the newly offshored departments. The obvious thing to do in these situations is to offshore the executives themselves. Not only does offshoring the most expensive employees give you the biggest savings, but offshore executives are known to better leverage the productive potential of the other offshored departments! The level of competition that globalisation has brought means that potential cost savings in the most expensive department can no longer be ignored.

Tough times call for tough measures. Our CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, COOs and CTOs have decades of experience in dealing with economic crises, rescuing companies from recessions and making the best of financial instabilities. In short, they've got all the qualifications to deal with the upcoming economic situations in the USA and Europe, while simultaneously offering huge cost savings.

With our recently launched Online Executive Matchup Service, customers can find the offshore executive(s) that best fit their organisation, without travelling halfway across the globe. creating shareholder value through corporate restructuring.

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