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About is the leader in executive offshoring, providing CEOs, COOs, other executives and high level political officials in the same countries where other departments get offshored. is dedicated to helping increase the productivity of all offshored departments and allow companies to better tap into the new growth economies in the key offshoring countries. finds the executives that best fit your company, improving the overall synergy and productivity of your companies. takes offshoring to its logical conclusion since 1997 and has a presence in countries all around the globe.

About Executive Offshoring

Large parts of many organisations already offshore, not only is the disconnect between the executives and the rest of the organisation growing. The top executives frequently take home more money than the budget for an entire offshored productive department, like research & development or support. Increased globalisation, and the extreme competitive pressures that go with it, mean that potential cost savings in the most expensive department can no longer be ignored.

Executive offshoring solves the problems. Not only can large cost savings be achieved by offshoring the top executives to the same cheap labor countries where the other departments are located. Streamline internal corporate communications, improve morale, increase the overall efficiency of all departments and maximise the shareholder value of your investments.

Executive offshoring also drives revenue growth. Economic stagnation in traditional markets demands revenue growth elsewhere. Currently the best place for revenue growth is in the offshoring countries, where the recent surge in employment has created a growing middle class. Placing the top sales executives in these growth markets allows your company to better tap into the up and coming economies, while the competition flounders.

Offshoring is no longer about cost. It is about business survival. creating shareholder value through corporate restructuring.

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