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Why Offshore your Executives?

There are many reasons to move the executive positions of your companies offshore, not the least of which is the explosive growth of executive compensation, at a time of declining shareholder returns. In effect, the executives are getting paid more, even though they're not protecting the shareholder value nearly as well as they should...

Note that the offshoring of executives isn't just a matter of cost. Many of the current American executives have made their advances on the corporate ladder during the dot-com boom period and have little to no experience in dealing with economic crises.

The team, on the other hand, have mastered economic crises and harsh business conditions all their professional careers. The team has extensive experience with economic stagnation like experienced in Southern Asia, as well as the cyclical periods of economic growth and collapse that have marked South America over the decades.

In short, no matter what the current US administration manages to trigger, the members of our team are prepared to deal with it, protecting and increasing your shareholder value regardless of economic policy.

Another big reason for choosing an offshore executive is the politics involved with big business. With top executives commonly acting as a commissioner for multiple other companies, it is all too easy for the executives to shield each other from harm, at the stockholder's expense.

Choosing an independant offshore executive, on the other hand, ensures that the company will be managed in the interests of you - the stock holder, instead of in the interests of the "old boys network"...

Of course, there are many more advantages to outsourcing your executives. creating shareholder value through corporate restructuring.

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