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There are many ways in which can help create shareholder value though corporate restructuring. In this section you can find some of the success stories has had over the years, as well as interviews with some of our customers and members of our executive team.

Some of the business names have been changed to maintain commercial confidence.

Case Studies and Interviews - Free

  • "Fire Your Boss", a first-hand experience in convincing shareholders to offshore the CEO position, by our very own Ademir Gomes da Silveira. First published in Off-shoring International.
  • A report on how a well known plastics company got offshored. Note that the names of the company and executives have been changed.

Case Studies and Interviews - Premium

Note that in order to access the premium, members-only documents you will need an account.

  • "Culture Clash", every company, like every country, has its own unique culture; this paper explains how can help you find offshore executives that match your company culture.
  • Greg Mohney is 42, he has his six servants and the IRS never call. "Becoming an offshore CEO has really improved my quality of life," said Dean, when interviewed in his personal gym room for This interview shows how offshoring himself has improved Greg's lifestyle: "Executive Paradise".
  • When the investment capital pipeline dries up, our CFO team knows where to make cuts. Read how saved an upstart oil company in our famous case study "Burn Rate".
  • Critics of offshoring often state the ad-absurdum that "moving all jobs offshore means there's no-one left to buy products". While reality is nowhere near as bad, it's probably a good idea to read our "Market Moving" study to see how can help you tap into expanding markets offshore to compensate for stagnating sales in traditional markets.

Disclaimer: All brands and trademarks are property of their respective owners. creating shareholder value through corporate restructuring.

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