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Advantages to Offshore Executives

There are many advantages to the outsourcing of executives. The list below should be treated as a non-exhaustive set of examples. For more details, please look at our case studies.
  • Cost - as with all outsourcing, moving to a cheap labor country can drastically reduce the costs incurred by your companies, increasing investor value.
  • Your interests at heart - offshore executives have to work for the shareholder's best interest, since there is no "old boys network" to shield them at investor meetings.
  • Proximity to production - outsourcing critics continually talk about the problems of communication, if you outsource executives this problem goes away.
  • Experience with economic crises - in the middle of an economic crisis, do you really want a dot-com executive in charge of your investment?
  • The team has decades of experience in dealing with economic crises; we are confident in our ability to handle whatever the US administration triggers next.
  • Better communication - our executives can bridge the gap between the leftovers of the "old company" and the new production offices overseas. No matter how well the current outsourcing went; without an executive to bridge the outsourcing divide your company won't function as well as it should.
  • Promotion Paths - An offshore executive eliminates the so-called glass ceiling. It provides promotion paths for winners from within thus increasing employee satisfaction and production, stimulating the creation of shareholder value.
  • Promotion Paths - Having an offshore executive provides promotion paths for winners in your outsourced business, winners who otherwise will turn elsewhere.
  • Crisis management - studies show our offshore executives, with long term experience of unreliable electricity supply, handled both the Californian and New York failures more effectively.
  • Presence in expanding markets - outsourcing of production and engineering is creating an extensive middle class in developing nations; with an executive in the right place your company could get a significant market share in these rapidly expanding economies. creating shareholder value through corporate restructuring.

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